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Ice Fishing Outfitters

Our History

Fishing Lake Simcoe 

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Ice Fishing Outfitters is located on the south shore of Lake Simcoe at Virginia Beach. Our registration trailer is located at the corner of Hadden Road and Black River Road.


Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable of the lake and the fishing it has to offer.

Situated in legendary fishing grounds around Georgina Island in depths ranging from 10ft to 20ft.

This area of Lake Simcoe is known as one of the best Perch and Pike grounds in the province.

Lake Simcoe is over 700 sq km in size. Considered the fishing capital of North America, with its unyielding reputation of having the best fishing year after year.


Lake Simcoe freezes over completely every winter and becomes the fishing destination for anglers world-wide.


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Northern Pike being pulled through the hole while ice fishing.jpg
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